Can I claim A Uniform Tax Refund if I Work In A Bank?

Tax Refunds For Band And Building Society Staff

If you work in a Bank or Building society, you may be entitled to claim a government tax refund on certain work related expenses such as uniform maintenance, work related expenses and union fees. Read on to learn how you can start your claim today.

Uniform and Equipment

Working in a bank or building society usually means wearing a uniform. If you are paying for the upkeep, washing and maintenance of this uniform, you can claim a tax refund for the costs. What you can claim for depends on the work you do and what you’re spending money on.

If you’re employed through the PAYE system in your banking roll, you can make expenses claims based on:

  • The cost of cleaning, repairing or replacing work clothes.
  • The cost of cleaning, repairing or replacing other essential items.

Bear in mind the only expenses you can claim a tax refund for are ones that are absolutely necessary for your job.

In order to get a uniform tax rebate, you’ve must:

  • Wear specialised clothing for work.This doesn’t have to mean overalls or a suit, but it does have to be an essential part of your job.
  • Incur personal costs for the cleaning and/or upkeep yourself. If the money isn’t coming out of your own pocket, you can’t claim it back.
  • Pay Income Tax. You must have paid the tax in the first place to reclaim it back.

There are specific rules relating to the different industries but these are the basics that apply to pretty much everyone. Bear in mind that you generally can’t claim for the initial cost of clothing. Repairing, cleaning or costs relating to replacing it is reasonable to claim back though. Keeping it in good condition and replacing it when it’s worn out can often count as expenses.

You can’t generally claim for any initial purchase costs for clothing. However, keeping it in good condition and replacing it when it’s worn out can cost money.

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Travel Expenses & Mileage

If you have to travel for your work in a bank or building society, you could be able to claim tax relief on what you have spent on food or for any overnight expenses. You can’t claim for travelling to and from work, unless you’re travelling to a temporary place of work.

You can claim tax relief for money you’ve spent on things such as:

  • Public transport costs
  • Hotel accommodation if you have to stay overnight
  • Food and drink
  • Congestion charges and tolls
  • Parking fees
  • Business phone calls and printing costs

How much you can claim depends on whether you’re using:

  • a vehicle that you’ve bought or leased with your own money
  • a vehicle owned or leased by your employer (a company vehicle)

If you use your own vehicle or vehicles for duties undertaken in the course of your work in a bank, you may be able to claim tax relief on the approved mileage rate. This covers the cost of owning and running your vehicle.

You cannot claim separately for things like:

  • Fuel
  • Electricity
  • Road Tax
  • MOTs
  • Repairs

To work out how much you can claim for each tax year you’ll need to:

  • Keep records of the dates and mileage or your work journeys
  • Add up the mileage for each vehicle type you’ve used for work
  • Take away any amount your employer pays you towards your costs, (sometimes called a ‘mileage allowance’)
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Union Fees and Subscriptions

As a bank or building society worker, you might be able to claim tax relief on any fees or subscriptions you pay to approved professional organisations. This is only the case if you have a membership and it relates directly to your job. We will assist you to claim what you are owed from HMRC.

You can’t claim tax back on fees or subscriptions for life membership subscriptions.

How Do I Start My Tax Refund Claim?

Collect together as much information as possible concerning your employment and the expenses incurred. Bear in mind you can claim expenses for up to four Tax years, even if you have since been made redundant, or changed jobs. This will not affect your current employment in any way or form.

Typical information needed to process your Security Tax refund would include:

  • Copies of payslips
  • Details of sites you have been located at
  • Notes of expenses incurred for purely work reasons
  • Contract of employment
  • Other information you feel could be relevant to your claim

The most important thing to remember is that the more information we have, the more chance of a bigger Tax repayment. No matter how little or irrelevant you think it might be, we could possibly make a claim for the expense.

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