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What Is Stamp Duty?

Stamp duty (SDLT) is a tax people pay when buying land or property in the UK above a certain value. Stamp Duty has been subject to numerous changes over the years meaning people don’t always know what they owe. This results in many people being eligible to reclaim overpaid stamp duty.

The SDLT legislation specifies numerous exemptions, reliefs and qualifying criteria but little guidance is provided for specific cases meaning the information is generic at best. Many people do not know where to go to reclaim overpaid stamp duty or where to find the best and most accurate SDLT reclaim service. This is where Tax Refund Calculator can help. We have made claiming back stamp duty as easy as it can be.


Since changes in legislation in 2016, millions of pounds in overpaid stamp duty has been refunded to homeowners like you. Don’t miss out. Let us establish if you are due a Government SDLT Tax refund and get it processed on your behalf.

As many as one in five Stamp Duty returns are completed incorrectly which leads to millions of pounds being overpaid to HMTC. But it is possible to reclaim overpaid Stamp Duty if it was incorrectly calculated.

Reasons include:

  • Missed reliefs based on the circumstances of the buyer,
  • Misclassification of the property being bought, or
  • Any one of the over 40 exemptions set out in the legislations that are often missed by solicitors.

Can I Claim Back Overpaid Stamp Duty?

HMRC gives buyers 12 months from the filing date to amend any returns, including where you’ve paid too much tax. After 12 months, mistakes cannot normally be corrected but the deadline for claiming back overpaid tax is officially four years from the effective date of the transaction so it’s important to check.

First off – find out how much Stamp Duty you paid – you can usually contact your solicitor to find out the exact amount if you don’t know it already or Tax Refund Calculator can help you.

HMRC doesn’t make it simple. You will have to include a copy of the original SDLT return with your claim along with the following:

  • An explanation of why you think you overpaid
  • State which parts of the SDLT are wrong
  • Give revised figures and confirm the amount of refund due
  • Confirm who should be repaid (you’ll need to give permission for the money to be paid to someone else).


Some transactions which have potential for incorrect calculations are those for:

  • Land over half a hectare (1.24 acres) and/or agricultural land with paddocks, stables etc.
  • Commercial or non-residential buildings on the land.
  • Offices bought using ‘permitted developments rights’.
  • Land with planning permission for residential development and construction.
  • Annexes, flats, cottages, granny flats in the grounds

How Do I Claim Back Stamp Duty?

It is not necessary to use a solicitor or accountant when claiming a government tax refund. You can apply using our simple government Tax Refund Service.

The information it would be useful to have to hand is:

  • Your name and address
  • Details of the property that attracted the higher rates of SDLT, including the date of purchase and the SDLT unique transaction reference number
  • Details of the home you’ve sold, including the date of sale, the address of the property and the name of the buyer
  • The amount of tax paid on the property that attracted the higher rates of SDLT
  • The amount of tax you’re asking for a repayment of

It’s always best to begin your claim sooner rather than later as there are deadlines to think about.

It is important that the claim deadlines are not missed. Under normal circumstances (when coronavirus extensions do not apply), Stamp Duty claims can only be submitted within four years of the property purchase.

Tax Refund Calculator can help with your Stamp Duty refund application and ensure that the right paperwork is submitted.

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We offer a no win, no fee, Stamp Duty reclaim service. We review your property purchase to see if you have paid the correct amount of stamp duty. Assuming you need to proceed, we will prepare a formal repayment claim and administer it on your behalf.

Fees are only payable when you receive your refund from HMRC. This will be a pre-agreed percentage of your refund.

Remember: there is normally a 4 year time limit from the date of the purchase of the property to reclaim overpaid stamp duty, so please contact us ASAP to find out if you are eligible.

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