Can I claim A Uniform Tax Refund if I Work As An Electrician?

Tax Refunds For Electricians

If you work as an Electrician, you may be entitled to claim a government tax refund on certain work related expenses you have incurred over the last four years. Here is our guide on what electricians can claim tax back on and how to start the process today.

First of all, there may be many costs incurred by working in your profession. Some are fairly small and others much larger, but they all mount up. We are here to make sure you don’t lose out by paying for things that are not entirely your responsibility.

As an electrician you could be out of pocket by having had to pay for the following:

  • The tools used for your work
  • Mileage on your own car or van for getting to work sites. Buying protective clothing or uniforms.
  • Laundering your protective clothing or uniform at home.
  • Accommodation and subsistence costs incurred by having to work away from home.
  • Union and professional body fees.

If this is the case, you need to keep a detailed record of everything that has already been claimed back against your monthly or quarterly PAYE bill. Contractors should provide you with a monthly statement for all deductions and payments made to you, which you can use to claim back tax.

Uniform and Equipment

As an electrician, you will know how important safety clothing and equipment is. If you are paying for its upkeep and/or replacement from your own pocket, then you can most likely claim some tax relief. The same goes for any uniforms you have to wear on the job, or any tools you need to work.

Here are some examples of circumstances in which you may be entitled to a government tax refund as an electrician:

  • You have to wear a branded uniform as part of your job.
  • You pay for the laundry costs of caring for your uniform yourself.
  • You do not receive reimbursement for these costs, or be provided with laundering facilities at work (even if you don’t use them).
  • You are a taxpayer in the year you make your claim.

You can’t usually claim for any initial purchase costs for clothing. However, keeping it in good condition and replacing it when it’s worn out can often count as expenses.

If you are self-employed, there are different rules about what you can claim for. Again, it comes down to essential costs. When you are your own boss, even the initial purchase costs count against your tax bill.

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Union Fees and Subscriptions

As an electrician you may be a member of a trade union. Many unions have an agreement with the government which gives tax relief for members on their annual fees. The good news is that you can claim tax relief on fees or subscriptions that are paid to approved professional organisations – but only if you must have membership or it relates directly to your job.

Electricians who are employed and pay UK income tax may also claim tax relief on subscriptions to periodicals and their membership fees as expenses of their profession in the tax year in which these expenses are incurred. Please note you may not be eligible to claim tax relief if your subscription is paid by your employer or if it is a life membership.

If you have never made a claim before, we can track back your case for the last 4 years resulting in a nice sum in the hundreds, sometimes thousands, of pounds.

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Travel Expenses & Mileage

If, during your work as an electrician, you have used your own vehicle for business travel at any point during the last four years (tax years) and depending on whether or not your employer reimbursed you for that trip you may be eligible to claim back some tax. The amount will vary.

In a lot of cases, it’s the money you spend on travel that entitles you to a tax rebate. The rules surrounding tax relief say that any location you have worked at for under 24 months can count as a “temporary workplace” for tax purposes and it is this travel to temporary workplaces that is the subject of most tax refund claims.

It doesn’t matter if you are driving your own car or van or using public transport to get there. If you are spending your own money getting to and from the temporary workplace, you could qualify for a government tax refund.

Even if your employer’s footing the bill for some of your travel costs, you might still be owed money. HMRC have set out specific rates for the mileage you have been stacking up. If you aren’t getting the full amount reimbursed, you can claim back the difference.

You can also claim tax relief for money on things like:

  • public transport costs
  • hotel accommodation
  • food and drink
  • congestion charges and tolls
  • parking fees
  • business phone calls and printing costs

You may also be able to claim tax relief on business miles though this does not include travelling to and from your work, unless it’s a temporary place of work. Your claim will depend on whether you are using a vehicle owned/leased by you or your employer.

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How Do I Start My Tax Refund?

Collect together as much information as possible concerning your employment and all expenses incurred. Bear in mind you can claim expenses for up to four tax years, even if you have since been made redundant, or changed jobs. This will not affect your current employment in any way or form.

Typical information needed to process your Security Tax refund would include:

  • Copies of payslips
  • Details of sites you have been located at
  • Notes of equipment you specifically have purchased for work reasons
  • Contract of employment
  • Other information you feel could be relevant to your claim

The most important thing to remember is that the more information we have, the more chance of a bigger Tax repayment. No matter how little or irrelevant you think it might be, we could possibly make a claim for the expense.

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